Ski and Snowboard Service

Prepare your equipment before the first ride

At the lower station of the Szczyrk Gondola Lift, you’ll find our new ski and snowboard service. The facility offers high quality ski and snowboard servicing machines by Reichmann, a company acclaimed for their precision. An undoubted star of the service is Reichmann SF2-Pro - an automatic grinder intended for ski and snowboard tuning. There are barely a few machines of this kind available in Poland. The service offers also a belt grinding machine (Reichmann SN-350) and a waxing machine (BWM 350 Pro).

Within the scope of the LARGE SERVICE, the automatic grinder provides the following services:

  • Preparing the equipment by hand to be put into the machine, i.e. renovating the ski base and removing corrosion  
  • Stone grinding: smoothing and structuring the ski base 
  • Sharpening the side edges with hard stones (angle setting ranging from 87 to 90 degrees) 
  • Polishing the lower edges with soft stones 
  • Waxing, scraping and brushing the ski base 
  • Cleaning and drying skis and boards 
  • Machine-made waxing and brushing the ski base with temperature-adapted wax


You can rent skis for PLN 10 for the time of the LARGE SERVICE



Location of the Service


Szczyrk Gondola
➤ Salmopolska 53B ST.

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