Trek E-bike Adventure

Explore Szczyrk on e-bike

Want to try an electric bike in mountain terrain? Do you love the mountains and want to get to know the surroundings of Szczyrk with locals? 

Spend an active day with us in the mountains and take part in the Trek E-Bike Adventure - an e-bike tour with a local guide. Test the Trek Rail 7 and Trek Rail 9.8 XT – one of the best-in-class e-bikes.


Planned dates 2023:

  • Thank you for your participation.  See you next year!


We invite you to guided tours around Szczyrk and the Silesian Beskids. Our tours are designed for everyone. Thanks to electric support in bicycles, mountain biking has become available to a wider audience than before. Now, and without iron condition, you can reach the top of Skrzyczne on a two-wheeler with support.

Our itineraries are always adjusted to the level of advancement of the participants, and the number of different modes of assistance in the bike will make you cope even on more difficult climbs. Importantly, we guarantee that there will never be more than five participants per instructor. Thanks to this, the trip takes on an intimate character, and above all, everyone has a sense of security. During excursions we always try to avoid crowded places, so that you can feel the beauty of the Beskids nature.



Registration for trips:  

tel.: 787 142 140 (during the working hours of the centre) 

During the tour you will learn:

  • how to properly use the assistance on an electric bike (Walk, Eco, Tour, e-MTB, Turbo modes) 
  • correctly change gears in mountain terrain
  • correct position on the bike  
  • how to plan a trip in relation to battery power  
  • how to pack for a trip, as well as learn what to take with you  


  • test one of the best bikes in its class Trek Rail 9.8 XT 2022 or Trek Rail 7
  • test the Bontrager hip bag and Bontrager Rally enduro helmet
  • with a local guide you will visit interesting places in our area, not always marked on the maps


Cost: 299 PLN

At this price you get:

  • TREK Rail 9.8 XT or Rail 7 electric bike
  • care of a licensed Instructor
  • Bontrager test helmet and hip kidney
  • service facilities in case of failure
  • gift to start from the TREK brand


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