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Test the K2 ski touring or splitboard set

In the 2019/20 season, our rental shop located at the lower station of Szczyrk Gondola lift provides brand new K2 ski touring gear. We have also prepared a marked trail for ski touring from the lower station of gondola lift towards Hala Skrzyczeńska and Małe Skrzyczne.

There is no better place to start your adventure with off-piste skiing than Beskid Mountains!

The equipment of a renowned K2 brand focuses on ski touring, however, driving parameters are equally important. Precision, weight and durability of the equipment makes the K2 brand stand out from competitors. We have prepared versatile models for your comfort and safety during ski touring experience. The equipment will work equally well when taking the first steps on ski skins, as well as when attempting more demanding trails. With a large selection of skis, boots or splitboards you will find a perfect set for skiing up and down the hill, experiencing exciting ski touring!



For ladies we have a special series of K2 Talkback skis (84, 88 and 96) 153-170 cm in length. In addition, the women’s skis are lighter and feature a thinner sidewall. The women's shoes are the Mindbender Alliance with 90 and 110 flex with 50 degrees ROM.

The series of men's skis are K2 Wayback (96, 88, 84 and 80) 160-184 cm in length. Although they differ in core technology or weight, they are all characterized by a well-selected rocker in the All-Terrain Rocker system, thanks to which your skis are capable of “floating” in snow powder and cutting frozen slopes. Men's shoes are Mindbender with a flex of 100, 120 and 130 with 50 ROM.

All skis are provided with self-adhesive mohair Pomoca skins and Marker Alpinist and Kingpin pin bindings.

For enthusiasts of snowboard we have the K2 split Bean Package splitboard - a board which you can also use for up-hill skiing if putting a skin on it, or you can enjoy off-piste adventure leaving a single trail!


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