Szczyrk Mountain Resort

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Got questions about the functioning of the Szczyrk Mountain Resort and its attractions in winter or summer? Contact our Infocentre. 


Telephon: 33 817 89 26

Complaints about the resort should be sent to:

Complaints about the GOPASS programme should be sent to:


Company data

The Szczyrkowski Ośrodek Narciarski S.A. (Szczyrk Mountain Resort) has been entered into the register kept by the District Court in Bielsko-Biała under the number:

NIP: 937-23-75-089
KRS: 0000140818
REGON: 072818322

The company’s share capital amounts to: PLN 5 159 070.

FV data:
Szczyrkowski Ośrodek Narciarski S. A.
ul. Narciarska 10
43-370 Szczyrk
NIP: 937-23-75-089



Company seat

Salmopolska 53B St.
43-370 Szczyrk

Working hours:


Telephon: 33 817 87 40

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