Bike service price list

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Service Prices in PLN    
Replacing the shock absorber/damper 70-100    
Shortening the steerer tube 30    
SAG setting 20    


Service Prices in PLN    
Gear adjustment 30    
Replacing the freewheel/cassette 50    
Chain replacement 40    
Replacement of the cable/outer shell with adjustment 50    
Replacing the crank or sprocket 50    
Replacing the derailleur with adjustment 60    
Pedal replacement 10    
Replacing or straightening the hook 50    
Replacing the adjustable lever 50    
Replacing the bottom bracket 80    
Replacing the armor placed inside the frame 80    
Cleaning the drive 100    


Service Prices in PLN    
Replacement/maintenance of controls 60    
Replacing the handlebar and/or stem 50    
Rudder adjustment 30    
Replacing grips 20    
Shortening the handlebar 30    


Service Prices in PLN    
Replacing an inner tube/tire 30    
Replacing an inner tube/tire with insert 60    
Wheel centering from 40    


Service Prices in PLN    
Brake adjustment 30    
Replacing pads/discs 30    
Hydraulic brake bleeding with regulation 60    
Brake replacement including shortening and bleeding 100    


Service Prices in PLN    
Assembling a new bicycle from cardboard 100-150    
Accessory installation 20