BIKE PARK Szczyrk Enduro Trails by TREK

The 2024 bike season is now open!

Szczyrk Enduro Trails by TREK is a complex of one-way bike trails created in 2019. Contour trails away from walking routes, are a great place to spend your free time actively. Built for the safety and fun of their users, they have appropriate slope inclination, deceleration areas, and bands to help you overcome tight turns.

The routes have been marked with different colours to indicate different degrees of difficulty.

Blue – contoured and smoothed trails for beginners and intermediate cyclists; by choosing the right speed every user will get a lot of fun!

Red – trails with natural obstacles, such as exposed roots and stones, ideal for advanced cyclists.

Black – the most difficult tracks. Based on natural obstacles, with a large slope and narrow bends. Perfect for master cyclists with high off-road cycling skills. 



Currently, six routes are available with a total length of 16 km. Szczyrk Mountain Resort is one of the few places in Poland where you can use gondola lift  or bench lift to get to the start of each trail, and your bicycle pass is valid until the end of the day.

At the lower gondola lift station there is the Bike Trail Centre with bike rental and shop, food court, large parking lot, bicycle wash and toilet.