Ride & Respect

Safe Mountain Biking

We love biking just like you do. This freedom, the fresh air – biking is divine. But remember that what matters the most is your safety, especially here, in the mountains where cycling may be risky. Thus, make yourself acquainted with a few tips before you get on your bike:






The Szczyrk Enduro Trails by TREK are one-way single tracks, intended solely for the downhill riding



Helmets are obligatory on the Szczyrk Enduro Trails



Off-road biking and city biking are not one and the same thing. If you’re unsure about your skills, join the cycling trainings organised at the → Szczyrk Bike Academy



Call for HELP. The Mountain Volunteer Search and Rescue (GOPR) +48 601 100 300 or 985. Each trail is divided into sections, try to determine your position so that the rescuers can track you down. Use the rescue app RATUNEK, it will send them your location immediately



Hikers are forbidden to use the bike trails. The trouble spots have been marked, but if you see someone breaking the rule, please warm them before a tragedy happens



If you need to stop, please move aside, do not stop in the middle of the trail



If you see an accident, please stop and give first aid to the injured people. Their life and health lie in your hands