How does the Gopass work?

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What is the Gopass card? 

The Gopass card is a personal carrier of services purchased via the Gopass account which allows you to take advantage of various tickets and ski passes. The Gopass card (both in the mobile and in the chip form) is a personalised card and may not be handed over or made available to third parties, under pain of blocking. It includes an individual number and a barcode which enables its identification.

How will I receive my mobile card?

The mobile card, generated automatically after registration (also after adding subaccounts), can be downloaded to your mobile phone from the subpage “Gopass Cards”.
For the Aquaparks, the Legendia Fun Park or for the ski school, the mobile version of the Gopass card in your mobile phone is enough. You can use the mobile version to collect points in the Gopass programme, too. When purchasing products or at the restaurants, please scan the barcode saved on your phone. 
Attention! You should not use the card to go through the gate when skiing or riding by the cableway, because the gate devices only read the chip versions of the Gopass card.  

How will I receive my chip card? 

The Gopass card in the form of a proximity chip card is issued at the Infocentres of the ski resorts and in aquaparks upon presenting the mobile card or service purchase confirmation. If you lose your first card, you can get another at extra cost (PLN 10 in Poland/ EUR 2 in Slovakia/ CZK 50 in the Czech Republic). Having purchased the card, please assign it to your Gopass account to enjoy all the benefits of the Gopass loyalty programme and collect points.  

In which resorts will I get the Gopass chip card? 

  • In Poland: Szczyrk Mountain Resort
  • In Slovakia: Tatralandia, Bešeňová, Vysoké Tatry, Jasná
  • In the Czech Republic: Špindlerův Mlýn, Golf resort Ostravice, Golf resort Kaskáda, Golf resort Olomouc
  • In Austria: Mölltaler Gletscher

Can I collect my card at the Beskid Sport Arena or Central Sports Centre? 

No, collecting the card in Szczyrk is only available at the Szczyrk Mountain Resort – either at the ticket offices or at the Infocentre near the gondola station – 53B Salmopolska Street.

Does every family member need to have their own chip Gopass card or is one enough? 

Each participant of the programme is obliged to have their own Gopass card. You may not use a Gopass card owned by another person. 

Must I have my Gopass card with me to use a purchased ticket/ ski pass? 

Your chip Gopass card is necessary if you wish to use a purchased ticket/ ski pass, whatever the resort. For your comfort, our machines can read your chip cards even if they are in your pockets. Only the Aquaparks require special chip armbands which you shall get at the ticket office prior to entering the premises, after having shown your mobile card, your order confirmation (after the purchase, with the barcode and the encoded ticket) or your chip card with the Aquapark tickets saved thereon. At the Legendia Fun Park, having a mobile version of the Gopass card is enough.  


Gopass account 

(logging in/registration/adding people to your account/Gopass points/payments):


Do I need to queue if I have a Gopass account? 

If you have a chip Gopass card, you may go to the gate directly after having bought tickets on the website: and received the confirmation thereof. If you don’t have a chip Gopass card yet, collect it at the Infocentre first. Then, you may use the service in question. 

How can I pay for my shopping at the Gopass e-shop? 

You may use e-banking (e-transfer) and payment cards. If you have topped up your Gopass account (credit) in PLN, EUR, CZK – you can pay for your order with the top-up. Remember that at, only PLN is accepted whereas at, you’ll need EUR top-ups, and at, only CZK payments are possible. In case of foreign exchange trading, make sure that the bank account which you want to use to pay for the orders does not have any blockade/limit for such transactions. 

Can a family have one account to collect the points on? 

The Gopass programme allows you to create one family/group account (for maximally 10 people in total). Every member of the account has access to the points saved on this account and may redeem them against a discount or an award later on, yet they must have a card of their own.

May children under 15 years of age have their own cards? 

Yes, they may. However, only a person over 15 years of age may register the Gopass account. Children younger than 15 must be added to another Gopass account, owned by a person older than 15, only then may they use their cards.  

How can I use the collected points? 

You’ll get 1 point added to your Gopass account for every EUR 1 / PLN 4/ CZK 25 spent at the Tatra Mountain Resorts (TMR) or in the e-shop. Having logged in to your Gopass account, on the subpage “Gopass coupons”, you’ll find special offers which you can spend your points on. Follow this subpage and stay updated. Never miss any admission tickets/ ski passes offered at promotional prices or for free! At chosen TMR facilities, you can use your points to get discounts at the restaurants or Motion shops. Check the price list of every individual facility to know if there are some bargains waiting for you. Each resort has offers of its own.  
How can I log in to the if I forgot my password?

On the logging website, please choose the option “I forgot the password”, enter your e-mail address to which the link for changing the password shall be sent. If you forgot the e-mail address that you used in the Gopass loyalty programme, please contact our helpline: +48 801 765 700.

User photo

For season tickets, adding a photo of the ticket owner is required. You can do it through the subpage “Gopass Cards / My Family” by choosing the avatar with the camera icon to the left of the forename and surname of the User. To change the photo on your profile, please contact the Gopass helpline and send your photo to the following e-mail address:

How can I purchase tickets for other people? 

In order to purchase tickets for other people, you need to open subaccounts on your Gopass account (tickets are personal) or register separate Gopass accounts for them. The following data shall be necessary to open a subaccount: forename and surname as well as the birth date. Next, you can proceed with the purchase process and choose the ticket owner so that we can save the purchased service on their personal account.  
Remember! If the person you want to purchase a service for owns a Gopass account already, there’s no need to create a new subaccount! Just choose the service in the shopping cart on your Gopass account and instead of taking a person from your account, choose the option below: “Other Gopass account user” (e.g. friend, neighbour). Enter the card user number so that the service you’re buying can be assigned to the card. 

How does the Gopass account top-up work?  

You can top your Gopass account up to purchase products in the Gopass e-shop. You can also bestow the top-up on another person who will then use it via their own account. Go to the subpage “My orders” on your Gopass account, choose the option “top-up” and enter the amount which you would like to top up your Gopass account with. 
The PLN top-ups can only be used at, the EUR top-ups at, the CZK top-ups at The top-up has an unlimited validity period and can be used all through your membership in the Gopass programme.  

I have topped my account up, but I cannot use it. 

Mixed payments are not possible, e.g. top-up + payment card, which means that should you decide to pay with your top-up, you cannot pay a part of the amount due by a card. The purchase amount may not exceed the credit/top-up amount – otherwise the credit payment option will not be displayed on the screen. The maximum single top-up amounts to PLN 1000.

How can I disconnect a subaccount from my account so that it can become my master account? 

Log in to your Gopass account, go to the subpage “Gopass cards my family”. Unroll the menu bar, find the person that you want to disconnect and click “disconnect the member”. The system will ask you to enter the e-mail address which shall be assigned to the account and which the user will log in to their Gopass account with. However, the activation link (sent to the e-mail address in question) must be clicked first, only then can the address be valid. 

How can I activate a service code on my Gopass account? 

If you received a voucher with a service / an award, you should activate it on their Gopass account. For this purpose, you need to log in to your account at (or register the account if you haven’t done it yet) and then go to the subpage “Gopass coupons”. Then, enter the obtained voucher code, find the coupon and activate it. The coupon must be assigned to the right person and added to the shopping cart. Having opened the cart, follow the instructions – accept the General Commercial Terms and Conditions, click “next” to finalise the transaction and activate the service. The active service can be found on the subpage “My orders”, “Active orders/services”. 


Service purchase

(admission tickets/season tickets/ redeeming date/ cancelled services)


Can I change the date of redeeming my ski pass / bike ticket / tourist season ticket / fun park ticket via my Gopass account? 

You cannot change the ski pass date directly. However, if you purchase your ski pass online, you can cancel it, provided that you have not used it yet and that the voucher date is a future one (cancelling the service by 11:59 am on the day before the service date costs PLN 5; if you do it on the same day by 12:00 pm – PLN 25). The amount paid for the service will come back to your account as a top-up – a credit which never expires and may be used to pay for any products or services purchased through the website (Szczyrk Mountain Resort and the Silesian Fun Park – Legendia). The credit amount will be displayed after having logged in to the Gopass account. It is available as one of the payment forms to choose from when purchasing services. This rule does not refer to season tickets, though. 

Whom can I address my questions on the Gopass to? 

Any information on the Gopass programme can be found on the subpage “How does the Gopass work”. Should you have any more questions, please contact our helpline: +48 801 765 700 or +421 220 510 448 (international helpline); or e-mail us: We’ll be most glad to help you.  

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