Szczyrkowska Loop

4 cableways | 4 km of hiking | 2 resorts | 1 ticket

The Szczyrkowska Loop (Pętla Szczyrkowska) is a brand new touristic product in Szczyrk. Now, for the very first time ever, two tourist resorts in Szczyrk are launching a seasonal ticket for the gondola lift and three chairlifts together. Never before have the Silesian Beskids (Beskid Śląski) been offered at such a good price.

The family recreational trail is a fantastic adventure, covering the distance of nearly 6 km by cable transport, 2 km through the charming city of Szczyrk and 2 km along the picturesque arête up to the highest peak in all of the Silesian Beskids (Beskid Śląski), namely the Skrzyczne. Mountain. When hiking around, do pay a visit to the most charming restaurant you’ve ever known - Kuflonka, situated as high as 1000 m a.s.l.

You can start your mountain adventure with the Szczyrkowska Loop (Pętla Szczyrkowska) here: 

If you purchase 1 Szczyrkowska Loop (Pętla Szczyrkowska) ticket, you get 4 cableway rides in any chosen direction. 


Option 1: We start at the Szczyrk Mountain Resort

Start: lower station of the gondola lift to the Skrzyczeńska Pasture (Hala Skrzyczeńska)

Our trip begins at the lower station of the gondola lift (→ 53B Salmopolska Street). You can leave the car on a free car park. Once you’ve bought tickets for the Szczyrkowska Loop (Pętla Szczyrkowska), head for the 10-person gondola lift which takes you 1000 m a.s.l. On the Skrzyczeńska Pasture (Hala Skrzyczeńska), there is the traditional → Kuflonka Restaurant. When buying the lift tickets, you’ll get a special coupon. Show it to the restaurant staff and get 25% discount on the first course.

When savouring your meal, do feast your eyes on the picturesque landscapes stretching right behind the windows. Then, go to the red chairlift which shall take you 1205 m a.s.l. But beware of the robbers prowling around, for they have many a hideout here, hence the name Zbójnicka Kopa which – if translated into English – means the Robber’s Mountain. Having got out of the lift, look to the left, you’ll see Skrzyczne – the highest peak of the Silesian Beskids (Beskid Śląski).

Now, turn right and take a stone path, leading you to the main trail (marked green), then, turn left and proceed until you reach the Skrzyczne Peak (1257 m a.s.l.). It’s an approximately 2 km long trip along a gentle and fabulously picturesque arête. Your destination is about 2500 steps away. On the peak, there is a mountain hostel with a viewpoint terrace presenting you with the Żywiec Basin (Kotlina Żywiecka) and the Old Wives’ Mountain (Babia Góra Mountain). Under the terrace, there is the upper cable car station platform, taking you down to the Jaworzyna Mountain. The last part of your journey goes from the Jaworzyna Mountain right to the city of Szczyrk. Now, cover a distance of approximately 2 km back to the car park (which means more or less 4000 steps) or take a bus if you wish.

Option 2: Start your journey along the Szczyrkowska Loop (Pętla Szczyrkowska) from the Central Sports and Olympic Preparation Centre in Szczyrk (COS OPO Szczyrk).