Apres Ski & Grill

Our restaurants open in the winter season

In the winter, there are three restaurants on the premises of the resort available. Two of them located near the car parks in Solisko and under the Gondola. The third one is the → Kuflonka Restaurant, the pearl of the Skrzyczeńska Pasture (Hala Skrzyczeńska), situated as high as 1000 metres above the sea level. 


Apres Ski and Gondola Grill

In between skiing, you can sip a cup of some delicious coffee, tea, hot chocolate and snack on some dessert. Simply pay a visit to our food stands near the main car park. And once the day full of skiing comes to an end, why don’t you have some booze? The spectrum of choices is wide, indeed. Even the most demanding gourmets will be on cloud nine, to be sure. The Grill is a unique facility, full of divine flavours and aromas, where dining fine can be taken for granted. Roast pork or poultry, a rich palette of various side dishes, we will conquer your taste buds right away.

Apres Ski Solisko

Where two chairlifts – the gold B1 and the blue B2 – meet, you can have some rest on the terrace or in an igloo with a green roof. The facility serves aromatic coffee, tea, hot chocolate and desserts as well as warm panini. These will easily recharge your batteries so that you can carry on skiing with your tummy filled up and happy.

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