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Hala Skrzyczeńska (Skrzyczne Alp) has become the focal point of our resort. Every skier or snowboarder visiting the Szczyrk Mountain Resort runs through this alp. Now, there is a reason for staying here a little bit longer. A new Kuflonka Restaurant has been launched on the upper gondola platform. A place long awaited by the guests of the resort. It may be a cosy corner for all winter sports enthusiasts, hikers and cyclists more and more often visiting the area. The spacious interiors that combine modernity with highlander tradition and panoramic views of the Beskid peaks will make every visitor remember this place for a long time. The restaurant is divided into two parts: 150-person self-service room and a ‘la carte room for 80 guests.


Self-service part of the Restaurant

A large, spacious room with two walls of windows facing north-west towards the Klimczok range and the peak of Czantoria. Already in the first days of operation, it became a place where, in comfortable conditions, whole families could have a break after skiing activities and quickly get a hot meal. The restaurant’s menu includes a chicken fillet stuffed with ham and cheese, breaded pollock or a unique steamed dumpling stuffed with blueberries. In addition, you can eat a hot tomato soup with rice or enjoy a delicious apple pie with whipped cream. While looking around to admire surrounding views, we recommend a cup of aromatic coffee or delicious chocolate with whipped cream – a bestseller among the youngest winter sports amateurs. There is an Apreska Bar (Après Ski) in the corner of the room, where you can warm up with an alcoholic drink or other strong liquors. Listen to a good music while waiting for your food to be served.


A la carte 

An intimate dining room with a view to the north and a gondola lift leading to the platform. The place has been created for those who have more time and who, in addition to skiing experiences, also appreciate gourmet food. Meals are prepared from scratch by our chefs, so you can always count on the best taste experience. Those who have already eaten onion cream soup with cheese omelette or duck fillet on a pearl barley with mushrooms and plum sauce will certainly return here. If you are wondering where to go for a fantastic dinner with your relatives and friends, then Kuflonka Restaurant in Szczyrk is the perfect place.


Breakfast on the ski slope

Where we eat is as important as what we eat. Why not enjoy the start of the day sitting comfortably in the restaurant on the ski route and having you breakfast with a view of snowy peaks? It is now possible! Every day at 9: 00-10: 30 delicious and hot breakfasts are served in the Kuflonka Restaurant.

  • Salty breakfast menu: hot drink, juice, eggs on ham, butter, bread
  • Sweet breakfast menu: hot drink, sweet bread, butter, jam

Apreski Kuflonka

After a day on the slopes, you deserve a moment of relaxation. A good idea is to go to Après Ski Kuflonka, where you can find a range of drinks from around the world. 


The restaurant is also ready to organise special events, birthday parties and other theme parties, including the possibility to rent the entire premises. Contact our resort at: 788 251 069 or by email:

Kuflonka is situated at an altitude of 1000 m a.s.l. which makes it a unique place not only in the resort but also in this part of the Beskid Mountains. We hope that both in the winter and summer seasons, you will find it a cosy stop when traveling in the surrounding mountains.

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