‘Max the Teddy Bear’ Academy

Book skiing or snowboarding course for your child

In winter 2020/2021 we have ski and snowboard courses for children aged 6-12 (snowboarding starts at the age of 8). Max 4-8 children per group. Children of all levels are welcomed. Lessons take place from 10:00am to 2:00pm. During the course children will have a 15-minute break enjoying warm tea and a small snack. 

Lessons start on Mondays in Maxiland, Narciarska 10 St.


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If your children are eager skiers or snowboarders, then, this winter season 2020-2021, they have the chance to try their skills. Special courses for the age groups 6-12 (skiing) and 8-12 (snowboarding) start right away. Each group shall consist of 4-8 children.


More information and booking: tel. 788 267 169
or szkola@szczyrkowski.pl



Course dates:

February 15.02-19.02. | 22.02-26.02.


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