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The skiing and snowboarding service shop is located at the bottom station of the Szczyrk Gondola lift. The facility has two high-class Reichmann machines for servicing skis and snowboards, reputable for their precision. We are most proud of the Reichmann SF2-Pro automated ski and snowboard tuning machine, which we use for:

  • initial grinding with belt 
  • stone grinding smooth and structural 
  • sharpening the side edges with hard discs
  • polishing the bottom edges with soft disks 
  • waxing and brushing of the underside 
  • drying of skis

Additionally, the facility will be equipped with a Reichmann SN-350 belt grinding machine and a Reichmann BWM 350 Pro waxing machine.


Location of the Service



Szczyrk Gondola

ul. Salmopolska 53B

Working hours: 8:00-18:00

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