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The biggest skiing and snowboarding school in Szczyrk

Tatry Motion has been running skiing schools for 6 years in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. This season, we are also using our experience on the slopes of Szczyrk Mountain Resort.

We can guarantee professional trainings to the enthusiasts of one and two boards at every level of skills. We are the biggest skiing and snowboarding school in the Beskidy mountains. Our professionalism is confirmed by the licence of the Association of Skiing Instructors and Coaches [Polish: Stowarzyszenie Instruktorów i Trenerów Narciarstwa] and the Polish Skiing Association [Polish: Polski Związek Narciarski]. It makes us obliged to run the trainings in accordance with the current curriculum made by SiTN/PZN. The experience, patience, and smile on the faces of our instructors will make your learning process stress-free and memorable. What is most important for our clients, however, is that only our school has the privilege to enter all the SMR ski lifts WITHOUT QUEUING.





Partnerem medycznym szkoły jest Sport Klinika

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Winter Passion – Feel the magic of winter

A comfy and attractive form of teaching, both for children and for adults. Enrol with us and we will put you in a group appropriate for your level of skills. You will meet new people and, with them, you will explore the mysteries of skiing for 4 days. 2.5 hours of learning every day, always with the same instructor and in the same group of learners, and – at the end – the taste of rivalry during fun competitions. The classes start every Monday during winter school holidays. Skiing for the first time? Don't worry. We all started at some point - we will teach every one.



Locations of the school




Booking, start of lessons and ski rental

Szczyrk Czyrna

ul. Narciarska 10

Working hours: closed

788 267 169

Booking of lessons and ski rental

Szczyrk Gondola

ul. Salmopolska 53B

Working hours: closed

788 267 169

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