Safety policy at the Szczyrk Mountain Resort

Safe leisure and sport in the open air

For some time now, we’ve all been learning to live a different life, facing in fact quite a new reality. Yet, having introduced a wide series of safety measures and new standards of hygiene, we could open our complex for you again. Please make yourself acquainted with our new policy, though, so that both you as our guests and all of our employees can stay safe and sound. Despite many limitations imposed by the quarantine, mountains are still a true oasis of the normal life as we used to know it before. Here, we can walk along all these beautiful trails, feast our eyes on the breathtaking panoramas and forget – at least for a tiny little moment – the restrictions which govern our daily lives at present. Szczyrk offers you a wide palette of ski lifts as well as hiking and biking mountain trails to choose from. Load your internal batteries, savour the richness of nature. Let the mountains heal your soul.


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See you in winter!


For the sake of our mutual safety, we have now introduced new rules: 

  • If you can, do buy your seasonal tickets and pay for the bicycles you rent online, at
  • Card or mobile phone payments are preferable. 
  • Indoors, you’re obliged to cover your nose and mouth. For the purpose, use either a face mask, a cloth or a buff. Gloves are recommended. 
  • Remember to keep a distance of at least 2 metres away from the other tourists. For your companions during the Szczyrk adventure, choose those you stay with on the everyday basis. 
  • Remember to disinfect your hands. On the premises of our facility, there are disinfectant liquid dispensers provided. They are at your disposal any time you might need them. 
  • Respect the new rules: only 3 hikers or 2 bikers can travel by the gondola lift together, the chairlift to the Robber’s Mountain (Zbójnicka Kopa) is intended for maximally 3 people now.  
  • Apart from the staff, only 1 person can stay at the bike rental at a time. 
  • Apart from the staff, only 4 people can stay at the shop at a time. 
  • Our catering offer is now available again. Remember to keep a distance of at least 2 metres and use a face mask. All the tables and chairs at the restaurant are disinfected after each Guest. 

For the sake of our mutual safety, the most crucial elements of the gondola lift and the chairlift shall be from now on regularly disinfected. Let’s stay responsible together. Moreover, remember, it is extremely dry in the forest, and thus, do not use open fire and do not smoke cigarettes! Our staff have been properly trained on the safety measures recommended by the sanitation, yet if you don’t stay responsible yourself, their training will not help here at all. We must all comply with the rules of this new reality. 

Despite restrictions, the mountains are still as beautiful as before, ready to host hikers and riders alike. The trail will welcome you with arms wide open, pampering your eyes with the myriad of colours and aromas you’ve not experienced before. Don’t worry, you’re quite safe here. But follow the safety policy!

See you in Szczyrk! 

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