Klimczok Range

Szczyrk Gondola - Klimczok 1117 m a.s.l. - Magura - Sanctuary of the Virgin Mary

Distance: 24,3 km
Time: 3-4 godz.
Climbing: 853 m

Difficulty level:


The trip starts on the car park under the gondola lift. First, the trail goes slightly down towards the city centre. Next, it turns left at the traffic lights and leads a short way up to the district of Szczyrk called Biła. Then, gentle climbing to the top of the Klimczok Mountain begins - the peak towering above the Podbeskidzie capital. First, it’s an asphalt road, then, a meandering gravel road which these more advanced cyclist can overcome even without the electric power steering. As you ride, admire the stunning views of the Skrzyczne Mountain and the Szczyrk Valley. Higher, from the top of the Klimczok Mountain, 1117 m a.s.l., there stretch some marvellous panoramas over the Szczyrk Valley, the city of Bielsko-Biała, the Żywiec Lake (Jezioro Żywieckie) and so much more. There, you can choose from amongst two paths to climb the Klimczok peak. Either take the steep one from the side of the hostel (for more advanced cyclists) or detour it and climb the peak from the side of the Szyndzielnia Mountain.

After a short rest at the PTTK hostel, the trail continues along a scenic ridge through the Magura Mountain 1109 m a.s.l. The downhill ride is short, technical with lots of loose stones, perfect for demanding riders. The next sections lead you along traversing forest paths towards an asphalt road to the famous Sanctuary of the Virgin Mary (Sanktuarium Maryjne “Na Górce”), erected in 1894 and extremely popular amongst tourists event today. The last part of your journey leads down to the Szczyrk centre along the Tour de Pologne trail.

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